Growth Factor Treatment

It is a treatment for hair loss, facial rejuvenation and acne scars that uses the patient’s own blood.This treatment involves the injection of growth factors in the spots where thinning is observed or scars are visible.

What is Scarring?

Scarring is a natural process that occurs as wounds heal. If a lesion is more than 5 mm deep or takes longer than 3-4 weeks to repair, the healing process will leave a scar.

How does Growth Factor act against hair loss?

Growth factors are proteins that exist in our bodies. They have the ability to stimulate the production of various types of cells involved in healing processes. They can enhance the repair of damaged tissues by reactivating cells. With hair loss treatment, growth factors are multiplied, activating more cells. It restores the function of hair follicles in the area where the injection is done, resulting in the growth of new hair from re-stimulated, formerly inactive follicles.

Growth Factors Hair Loss Treatment - The Procedure

  • 1

    Blood Collection

    A small amount of blood is taken from the patient
  • 2


    The blood is centrifuged at a certain speed and for a determined time, in order to isolate the growth factors.
  • 3

    DNA Activator

    The growth factors are then activated by the addition of nucleotide solution and calcium ions.
  • 4

    Injected into the follicles

    Injected in the areas of the scalp where hair is thinning.

Benefits of Growth Factor Treatment

  • Prevents further hair loss
  • Strengthens already existing hair
  • Enhances hair growth
  • Absence of side effects
  • Painless removal of acne scars
  • Provides you with scar-free skin

How many sittings does the treatment require?

GFC requires one sitting a month, over the span of three months and subsequently once every six months in order to maintain the result.

What is the difference between PRP and Growth Factor?

PRP contains growth factors, chemokine factors, cytokine and adhesive proteins that have both mitogenic and chemotactic properties. GFC contains more or less consistent levels of natural growth factors and hence provides consistent results without any side effect.


Is it painful?

Is it safe?

Is there any downtime?

Does the treatment work on male pattern baldness?